Berne - To The Lions (Official Music Video)

Berne - To The Lions (Official Music Video)

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Our new single 'To The Lions' is out now. Listen here:

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Written and produced by Berne
Music video produced and directed by MarieClaire Portelli in collaboration with Berne

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To The Lions is about betrayal from the perspective of a farmed animal. It is inspired by the book 'Eating Animals' by Jonathan Safran Foer. In line with Berne's environmental activism, To The Lions urges people to reflect on the repercussions of their food choices.

Song Lyrics:
Save me save me

I’m dying slowly and you won’t even notice
Because you’re sleeping instead of dreaming with me
Save me save me save me from your glory
To the lions you’ve been feeding me

I’m underwater making waves to keep moving
Because you’re running after not with me
Cave in cave in cave in to my freedom
With the lions you’ve been sharing me

I’m looking closely to see someone familiar
Because you’re perpetrating against me
Break me break me break me without reason
For the lions you’re preparing me

I’m falling down and you won’t throw me a lifeline
Because you’re turning a blind eye over me
Wake me wake me wake me from this fear
Of the lions feasting on their kill

Throw me a lifeline line
Throw me to live lions

Music video by Berne performing To The Lions (Official Video)
© 2020 Berne.


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