Yur Mum - SWEATSHOP (Official Music Video)

Yur Mum - SWEATSHOP (Official Music Video)

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Walking past the new Versaces
Clean front doors and royal asses
Sloan straight line of catwalk masses
Showing off to broken classes

It’s time to sweatshop
On a Black Friday
Fake Satisfaction

Easy access to consume
Has made me buy a lot of useless crap
I never needed first place
Now I wanna an upgrade

Calling, calling! The dole dependents
That deep inside do not depend on nothing
Calling, calling! This generation
That’s so selfish they get their heads up their asses
Directed and produced by Gabriel Ralls
Director of Photography: Renan Fabio Rizzi
1st AD: Imola Unger
Gaffer: Massimo
Spark and grip: Vaskar Kayastha
Grip: Peter Woolley
Camera Assistant: Holly Gilbert
Hair & Make Up: Myura Amara
Production Assistant: Rayshaun Davis Williams

Sylwia Szkudlarska
Rita Potucsek
Barbora Plhonova
Jake Andrew Millar
Michelle Amir
Jason Yip
Sweet Gupta
Martin Tückermann

Yur Mum:
Anelise Kunz
Fabio Couto
Akos Gado

Edited by Gabriel Ralls
Motion Graphics and titles by Fabio Couto
Sound design by Fabio Couto and Gabriel Ralls
Colour grade by Gabriel Ralls and Fabio Couto
Gameshow music: Storyblocks Audio
Lighting supplied by Blundell Street Studios
Camera supplied by Lajos Pataki

Special thanks to:
Lajos Pataki, Janni Taudal, Massimo & Duncan Telford @ Blundell Street Studios and Bell Studios

A Standalone Media production



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